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Professional membership organizations
Often require quick notification of members about new laws, situations, and important data. We can set up either mailing systems or online email notifications, or both!
Membership announcements, newsletters, booklets, brochures, invitations, directories: we work with several excellent print shops to produce these important documents for our organizational clients.
Organizational needs

Each organization we work with is unique and the range of services we provide each is customized. For some we maintain member databases and provide postal and email mailings based on that data. In other instances we have created websites where members can find out about jobs, update their personal information, and see sponsored events on a calendar.

Publications we design often end up also being posted to websites. Over time we find that organizational clients see the linkages between their database, publications and websites and recognize the cost savings when they are all related and handled by one service.

We also create an online contact point for members of organizations who have questions. Members are happy when they quickly find someone to answer their question.


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